AoralScan 3 Wireless - Additional Functions



In the scanning process, some tools can be applied to modify the scanning experience.




The texture can show the true color of the scanning data. When it is disabled, only grey structural scanning data can be presented. Users can switch the function based on their needs. In some cases, the data without texture can show more detailed information. 

Data Indicator


The data indicator enables areas with insufficient data quality can be presented in grey. More detailed information could be referred to in the article: Color Guided Scan


AI Scan


The AI Scan is applied to scanning the intraoral environment to remove the redundant soft tissue data. More detailed information can be found in the article: AI Optimization


View Lock


The view will be locked from a certain perspective when users are scanning, and the automatic perspective tracking is disabled. 

Metal Tooth Scan


The function is applied to scanning metal teeth, which can smoothen the scanning process and reduce the influence of reflection.


The function is applied to smoothing the shapes of models, and improve the data quality.

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