AoralScan 3 Wireless - Calibration



Accurate and detailed data can be beneficial to the following design and treatments. However, various reasons may interfere with the accuracy and brightness of the device, resulting in inaccurate and imprecise data acquired. Shining 3D provides a simple approach to calibrating the device.



How to calibrate the AoralScan 3 Wireless?



STEP 1: Cradle Setup

Remove the dust cap from the USB port on the cradle.

Connect the cradle to the PC and the power adapter.

STEP 2: Calibrator Setup

Connect the calibrator to the cradle with a USB cable. Place the calibrator on the desktop and ensure that the calibrator’s rubber surface is at the bottom. 

Remove the dust cap of the calibrator.

STEP 3: Scanner Setup

Remove the scanner tip, and install the calibrator on the scanner. Please align with the arrow markers.  

STEP 4: Calibration

Click the calibration icon in the software, and enter the interface.

Select the “Brightness adjust” or “Calibration” module, and click the “start” button.

The calibration will be conducted automatically. Please wait for a while, and there will be a pop-up to remind users of finishing. 


If you want to cancel the calibration, please click the “X” button on the right side of the progress bar. 

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