AoralScan 3 Wireless - Preheating




Fogs will be generated once the cold scanner tip stretches into the warm oral environment, resulting in a dilemma of capturing clear and accurate data. Consequently, heating the scanner tip to avoid fog is an extremely critical preparation for users. The device can heat the scanner tips and keep a certain temperature, which brings a smooth scanning experience. 


How to preheat scanner tips?


STEP 1: Install the scanner and the scanner tips

Correctly install the AoralScan and the scanner tips based on the patient’s situation. You can refer to the previous articles to learn details of installation 3W

STEP 2: Check the preheating status

If the scanner tip is in the heating stage, there will be a marker appearing in the center of the scanning interface to remind you of the unfinished heating status. For AoralScan 3W, a loading bar appears in the upper right corner. 

For AoralScan 3, you can find a small icon appearing in the upper right corner.

If the heating is finished, the marker will disappear. 

For AoralScan 3W, it is possible to check the status in the Settings > Device Info. If the heating is finished, the text, “Heating finished!”, can be found in a full ribbon. 

Besides, the preheating temperature can be adjusted for the AoralScan 3. Users can click the icon in the upper right corner to adjust the power of the battery, which means 3 different temperatures. We recommend users apply the medium or high temperature when the room temperature is under 20  and apply the low temperature when the room temperature is above 20. Users can also adjust the temperature in the Settings > Scan Settings > Scanner tip heating


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