AoralScan 3 Wireless - Data Cleaning



Every scan program occupies a certain storage space. Storage will be inadequate without regular data cleaning. The software empowers users to regularly or manually delete data to release space, reducing the storage burden and improving the performance of PCs. 


How to clean data automatically?


STEP 1: Set automatic cleaning

In the Settings > Order Settings > Data Cleaning, turn on the “Automatically clean up historical project files”.

STEP 2: Set the interval

In the “Days between data cleaning reminders”, 15 days were set by default. Users can modify the interval by inputting a specific number from 1 to 999,999,999.

STEP 3: Set the retaining days 

In the “Number of days to retain local orders after creation”, users can configure the retention period. 30, 90 and 120 days can be selected. 90 days were set by default. 

Tips: If you want to reset the settings, simply click the “reset” button and restore the settings.

How to clean data manually?


Click the “clear” button to launch the manual clean, and set a deadline in the pop-up. 

Then, click the “confirm” button to apply the setting. A pop-up will occur in the lower left corner to remind users of successful cleaning. 

What is the difference between before and after cleaning?


The temporary files would be deleted after cleaning, which disables users to add scan. However, the previous scanning data will still be saved. 

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