AoralScan 3 Wireless - Motion Sensing



Motion sensing empowers users to control the software remotely during scanning, and seamlessly conduct scanning steps without touching other devices. The feature improves the scanning experience, enhancing work efficiencies and avoiding cross-infection between dentists and patients. This guide will bring basic operations about the feature.


How to control the scanning process remotely?


STEP 1: IMU menu

Check whether the IMU menu is activated in the Settings > Scan Settings > General. The IMU menu is activated by default. If this menu is disabled, the motion sensing function cannot be utilized in following scanning steps. 

STEP 2: Remotely control

1. Before scanning, users can click the button on the device to start scanning. However, if users have enabled the “pick up and scan” function, they can start scanning instantly by picking up the scanner from the cradle. Please refer to the previous article: Start Scanning.

2. During scanning, users can click the button on the device to pause scanning.

3. Double-click the button on the device to enter the interface of motion sensing. Users can turn the scanner tip toward a direction and keep it until the module is full of blue color, then the corresponding operation will be conducted subsequently. Up: View the scanning data.

Users can rotate the scanner tip to rotate the model and check the scanning data.

Left: Reset all the scanning data. Delete all the previous data and rescan.

Down: Pause/ Start scanning.

Right: Go to the next step.

4. Users can long press the button on the device to end scanning and go to the next step. 

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