Aoralscan 3 Wireless - Installation Instructions


PC preparation

Choosing a proper PC 

Choose the PC according to the recommendation:  IntraoralScan PC and Working Environment Requirements

Note: You may use AMD CPU, however AMD graphic cards are NOT guaranteed, because all the current software products we have are tested under NVIDIA. 

Windows System settings

  • Power mode for laptop: Set to best performance

  • NVIDIA Driver Update
  • Go on the official NVIDIA Download Page, and download the last drivers for the graphic card that you have on the computer NVIDIA 

  • NVIDIA Setting

    Method 1: Program Settings-Add IntraoralScan-Use High performance NVIDIA processor

    Method2:Global Settings-High performance NVIDIA processor

    Download the latest Software

          Go to the Download the IntraoralScan to download the latest version of software


      Install the software


Software Setup

Verify the device type 

Change if necessary

Set the order save path to the SSD

Note:The IntraoralScan software included the necessary drivers packages, try manual installation if any issue. 

Scanner Connection

Connects the USB cable to USB 3.0 port (From Base)

Hardware Status-Indicator Light 


The base will run a self-check to check the AP status(≈40s) and turn to 

  • Green light: Ready
  • Orange: Error 


Powered on: Steady Green Light

On cradle: Breathing Green light 

Hardware Status-Device Manager 

Scanner / accessories

HW connection


Shining3D →Shining3D_3DScanner


Human Interface Devices →  
HID-compliant device + USB Input Device

Run Perform PC Performance Test 

The way of testing is simulating an actual run of the scanning and calculating process. And the software will set the scan frame rate according to the test result. 

Note: If you see a negative result showing the LOW performance, you can verify the following factors which will affect the result:

  1. Power supply of PC not connected
  2. Scan order location NOT on SSD 
  3. For laptop, the power plan for the pc should be set to high performance
  4. NVIDIA setting-high performance for 

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