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The device information can be viewed in the software by simply clicking. On this page, the device status and historical devices can be viewed. Users can learn the running status in time, and conduct trouble-shooting. 


How to check the detailed information of the device?


Click the Settings > Device Info to check the device connection first. The interface will be presented below when there is no connection between the device and the PC. It can provide some ideas for users to connect and pair the equipment.  

STEP 2: Connection and Pairing

Users need to follow the instructions to connect and pair the equipment.

The connection ways can be referred to in the article: Installation

When the scanner is connected in wireless mode or not connected, it can pair with the software through Device Pairing. There are two methods to pair the devices. Click the “Device Pairing” to check. 

1. Scan pairing

Long press the button on the scanner to scan the QR code at the bottom of the cradle. When the status indicator turns green, and a pop-up reminds users of successful connections, the device has been paired. 

2. One-click pairing

It is specialized for the wired connection of AoralScan 3W. As for the wired connection, please refer to the article: Installation After the installation of the device, you can click the “One-Click Pairing” button to quickly get paired. 

STEP 3: Manage the device info and status

After successfully connecting and pairing, the device info page will disappear for AoralScan 3, but a specialized aggregated page will occur for AoralScan 3W. The page can be divided into 2 parts. 

The left part is the device's detailed information, including the model, remaining power in the battery, signal, device status, serial number, authorization remaining days, device location and heating status. 

The right side is the current device and the online device. 

A “Disconnect” button is positioned on the right side of the current device. Disconnect the device by simply clicking, and a pop-up will notify users to confirm the operation. Then, the disconnected device will occur in the online device list, and the device information will disappear. 

Users can reconnect the device by clicking the “Connect” button on the right side. 

Users can check the historical device by clicking the “Historical Devices” button at the bottom of the online device list. Here, the serial numbers and status can be visible. 


For the device out of the authorization, the owners can send an application by clicking the “Request an authorization renewal” and entering the application flow. 

For the device whose location is determined incorrectly, the users can switch the location to the correct one by clicking the “switch” button. A pop-up will remind users of the selection and agreement of a declaration. It should be selected appropriately due to the concern of compliance with laws and regulations. 

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