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The article presents the software release notes and downloads info of IntraoralScan Software.

And the article applies to Aoralscan 3, Aoralscan2, and IntraoralScan Software

For PC requirements, please refer to IntraoralScan_PC and Working Environment Requirements

IntraoralScan - Latest version


(for Aoralscan 3 and Aoralscan 3 Wireless )
Jan, 2024

Aoralscan 2 is not supported on this version

1. Add a new note and illustration for device preparation;

2. Firmware upgrade for Aoralscan 3 Wireless;

3. Add Greek, Polish, and Czech to the software languages;

4. Optimize the startup interface by removing copyright information;

5. Fix some bugs.



The software update also includes a firmware update for Aoralscan 3 Wireless,  Please DO NOT TURN OFF THE POWER when upgrading the firmware.

V1.0.0.3115Dec 17, 2022SHNING3D Server Dropbox 

1. Speed up the post-processing stage.


2. Optimize the occlusal accuracy and limit the scanning range of the whole jaw.


3. Fixed the problem of horizontal lines in fine scanning caused by the fast movement during the scan phase, and improved the details of the 3D data.


4. Hide cloud order. --  the cloud order can be hidden with the “Filter” which is enabled by default.


5. Optimize the color clarity of data during scanning and after processing.


6. Optimize the firmware upgrade page.


7. Optimize the registration and login functions.


8. Optimize the industry information on the activation page.

V1.0.0.3104Aug 1, 2022 SHNING3D Server Dropbox
1. Patient info collecting, and patient management functions are added.

2. Updates in order type: "Implant" type is added. "Others" type is added, including oral check, dental caries filling, root canal treatment, and periodontal treatment.

3. "Others" order can be changed to "Restoration" "Implant" or "Orthodontics" order.

4. Panorama, full arch mode, graffiti mode, and AI automatic inspection (beta) (for adults only) are added to the oral health report. The report can be exported in PDF format.

5. Dynamic bite function is added.

6. Screen shooting and recording functions are added.

7. Scanning background music can be customized and enabled or disabled.

8. The attachment category is specified.

9. TeamViewer (remote assistance) and online service system (support center) are integrated.

10. Users can send the order to themselves.

11. Data exportation function is added.

12. Ortho simulation updated to version 2.0.

13. AccuDesign updated to version 1.0.2.AccuDesign 

14. Dentist list can be exported from the cloud platform.

15. Updates in account roles:

(1) Personal dentist role is deleted.

(2) On the registration interface: personal dentist and personal lab are deleted.

(3) The user must join an institution before he/she logs in to the software.

(4) If the user has joined multiple institutions, he/she should select an institution to log in to.

(5) An institution will be automatically created for users registered before the V3100 version software.

16. The "Occlusion bite(beta)" and "AI Inspection Report(beta)" are categorized into functions that authorization is required.

17. Fixed the bug that when scanning is paused, part of the attachment on the bucket is deleted (for intraoral scanning only).

18. Optimize the scanning effect of the metal tooth. More data will be scanned. At the same time, a few miscellaneous data will be scanned. The function works for scanning metal teeth, plaque and tartar, and bleeding gums.

19. Upgrade the firmware: hibernation mode is added, that is, if the scanner is placed for 30 minutes without use, the tail light and USB will be turned off.

20. Installation package upgrade: a pop-up box is added to confirm whether the installation path is a local disk or not. DentalViewer is deleted.

IntraoralScan Previous versions

Previous versions of IntroralScan are available for download, as well as a list of their associated changes.


V1.0.0.3064May 31, 2022 SHNING3D Server Dropbox

  • Optimize the geographical flow diversion function
  • Fix the failure of orthodontic software to create projects on the all-in-one machine cart.
  • Optimize the firmware upgrade tool.
  • Added support for automatic synchronization of OEM and language control labels from the cloud
V1.0.0.3054April 4, 2022 SHNING3D ServerDropbox

  • Optimized the cart problem of the all-in-one machine: fixed the problem that the AI button was not displayed for the first time; 
  • Optimize the lagging problem that occurred when AI opened; Fixed “failed to create project” in orthodontic simulation.
  • Fix the camera window turning blue.
  • Fix the issue of missing occlusal collision effect and color band when the occlusal scan is completed.

V1.0.0.3045Jan 31, 2022 SHNING3D Server Dropbox

  • Add Korean. 
  • The display of the automatic hole-filling area after post-processing can be set to gray or color, and the default is color (Settings → Scan Settings). 
  • Upgrade firmware 3 to 3.2
  • Compatible with Windows11 professional edition (version: 21H2_22000.376). 

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