Dynamic Bite

  • To collect data on the dynamic bite, you need to collect data on the static bite first. 
  • The areas of dynamic bite and the static bite should be overlapped. 
  • The scanner tip should be at the center of the upper and lower jaw when scanning.
  • Make sure there are contact points when biting

After completing the static bite scan, click the "Dynamic Bite " button to go to the dynamic bite scan page.

Direct the scanner at the green marked area which is scanned in the previous step for the bite scan.

When the tracking window turns green, instruct the patient to grind the teeth in the desired direction.

Make sure to keep the scanner in the same position while the patient is grinding the teeth.

When you are satisfied with the recorded motion, click "pause" to go to the validation page. It will reply to the actual movement of the patient on the page. Click the "check-mark" icon to confirm and proceed to the pre-design page.

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