The software empowers users to send their cases to their clinical and laboratory cloud after scanning and pre-design. The dentists and technicians can view and edit their cases on the dental cloud platform, bringing a smoother and more efficient workflow. 



How to send a case to the cloud platform?



STEP 1: Establish connections

If users want to send the case to other institutions, it is necessary to establish connections to the institutions. 

Click the “User” button in the upper right corner to show the profile interface.

Click the “Connections” button to check all las that have been connected successfully.

Click the “New” button to add a row, and input the institution’s name in the target, similar results will be presented in the drop-down menu. Select one.

Click the “Submit” button to submit an application to the target institution.

After the confirmation of the target institution, related information will be added to the “Connections” interface. 

The application will occur in the interface of “Connections” in the account of the lab. Lab users can click the “confirm” button to accept the application or refuse the application. 

STEP 2: Create an order

Please refer to the previous article: Create Orders.

STEP 3: Scan and pre-design

STEP 4: Send

After scanning and pre-design, users can click the “go to pre-design” button and select the target institution in the sending interface. 

Users can attach anything necessary to the case by clicking the “Insert Attachment” button and uploading files. 

Then, click the “send” button. It will turn back to the homepage of orders, and there will be the text, “Waiting to be accepted”, occurring at the bottom of the case. 

For those cases that have not been sent already, users can double-click the case frame to enter the 

Finally, the case can be viewed on the cloud platform. 

Tips: Sending back the design files

If users enable the function “Do you need to send back the data?”, the design files will be sent back to the clinic platform after design, which can be inspected by dentists. 

Tips: Sending EXOCAD orders

In the Send Settings, users can disable or enable the “EXOCAD orders”. With activating this function, the EXOCAD orders will be sent to the cloud platform. The function is enabled by default.

Even if users did not activate the function, users can still convert the format of orders into EXOCAD on the cloud platform.  


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