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The software empowers users to add scans after completing a basic scan. This feature promotes work efficiency when it is necessary to replenish evidence or data for designers, and reduces the workload of users.


How to add a scan based on existing data?


STEP 1: Select an order

Select the order in which you want to add a scan. Click the “edit” button to enter the interface of creation. Click the “scan” button, and there will be a pop-up to remind you of loading the original data. Click the “yes” button.

STEP 2: Add a scan

Select the process where you want to add a scan and click the “start” button or the button on the scanner. Then, a pop-up will inform you that the added scan data should be processed and the pre-design will be conducted again. Click the “yes” button to start a scan. 

 If there are changes in some areas, you can pause the scan and use the edit tool to remove the original data. Then, proceed with the scan and apply new data to fill holes. 

If there are significant changes in the add scan model, it is also necessary to rescan the bite data.

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