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In some cases, detailed information should be provided for careful design, for instance, crown design. However, the redundant data of scanning results will be trimmed based on the concern of storage space, leading to insufficient data for design. The software provides a function to save the data of specific areas without post-processing to meet the needs of the design. This guide presents the utilization and effects of the function, refined scan.


How to refine an area?


STEP 1: Activate the refined scan

In the Settings > Scan Settings > General, the refined scan is activated by default, enabling the function to activate automatically after scanning of single jaws.

If the function is disabled, users can still enter the process manually. 

STEP 2: Create an order

Create an order following the instructions: Create Orders

For specific dentistry types, for instance, restoration, the refined area function will be conducted automatically. 

Here, a model for a single crown was applied as an example. The 16th tooth has been prepared for design, and it is necessary to collect completed and clear data for the 16th tooth. 

STEP 3: Scan

Collect the oral data. Trim the redundant data. 


If the function was disabled in STEP 1, users can still enter the process by getting back to the last scan step and clicking the “refined area”. 

STEP 4: Refine areas

After ending scanning, the refined area will be conducted automatically and help users recognize the area of the 16th tooth. 

Tips: Users can apply various tools to modify the area

1. Brush: Select refined areas by smearing.

2. Eraser: Cancel refined areas by smearing.

3. The size of the brush and eraser can be adjusted by dragging the cursor on the bar.

4. Undo: Cancel the last step.

5. Redo: Redo the last step.

6. Cancel: Cancel all the changes.

7. Confirm: Confirm all the changes. 

STEP 5: Scan other data

Collect other necessary data.

STEP 6: Check the results

Users can check the results in the preview stage. 

Below is the result without texture, which presents clear maginlines. 

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