IntraoralScan V3413 Updated Content

What’s new for V3413?

Removable Denture Workflow New Features

A brand new, flexible and efficient workflow for removable denture scanning is introduced in the software. With edentulous scanning mode and various bite recording methods, users can scan edentulous jaws more smoothly.   


Impression Scan New Features

Impression scan mode polishes data accuracy of challenging areas by substituting oral data with impression data.   


Multiple Bite Scan New Features 

Multiple positions bite can be recorded to provide more comprehensive information for designers. 


Extra Match Scan New Features

Extra match scan mode assists in improve data quality and meet customized needs by pre-scanning the data of abutment and bite folk.  


Additional Scan New Features

Additional scan enables users to collect any necessary data for cases after collecting oral data and can be sent to labs together.


New Oral Health Reports New Features

A beta version of oral health reports is added and focuses on the communication and model analysis.


Ortho Simulation 3.0 Improvments

Ortho Simulation 3.0 assists in automatically creating orthodontics programs and enhancing the acceptance of patients by providing visualized comparisons and reports.

MentronTrack 2.1 Improvments

MentronTrack 2.1 empowers users to check measurements analysis and compare oral data before and after orthodontic treatments.

AccuDesign 2.0 Improvments

AccuDesign 2.0 can automatically generate models and seamlessly connect printers to print physical models. 


Connection Status Improvments

An icon is added to assist users in learning the connection conditions of cloud platform


Scan Body Library Improvments

Scan body library with more prestored data is updated to collect difficult-to-scan areas by dynamically aligning pre-imported library data with scan data.


Connection Status 

An icon of Connection Status is added to the top-left corner of interface. This icon enables users to check the connection status of cloud platform easily and enhance troubleshooting efficiency. The unstable connection status may result in issues or failure in login, order sending, generating QR codes and limited functionality in certain functions.  


Scan Body Library 

The Scan Body Matching function assists dentists in scanning difficult-to-scan areas by dynamically aligning pre-imported library data with scan data. This significantly improves scanning efficiency, accuracy, and reduces the need for patients to be rescanned. The scan body libraries of Dentium, Dio and GeoMedi were added.


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