Installing the V301X or later version of the scanning software


1. Please make sure the completeness of installation package.

   There are 2 parts in it.

①IntraoralScanV1.0.0.30XX —— Software main installation package

②Addition —— A package containing user manual documentation and other modules. The contents in this folder will be automatically copied to the corresponding installation directory during installation.

2. Installation

   When make sure that installation package is complete, double click IntraoralScanV1.0.0.30XX.exe to install.

3. Connect scanner with computer properly.

After installation, check if there’s Shining3D 3DScanner in device manager (AOS3).

Image Device ️ Allied Vision USB3 Vision Device (AOS2) .

4. If driver of camera fails to install, open the software directory after the installation. E.g. C:\DentalLauncher\IntraoralScan\Driver

3dCamera———AOS3’s driver, double click Install.bat.

Vimba———AOS2’s driver, double click InstallVimba.bat.

Runtime———C++ runtime library.

SoftDog———dongle’s driver. Double click to run InstallHASP.bat to install

图形用户界面, 文本, 应用程序


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