How to update the NVIDIA graphics driver




The software is developed on the NVIDIA series of graphic cards, and the graphic cards can influence the speed of data processing and users’ experience. This guide aims to provide an efficient tutorial for users to update their graphic card drivers.



How to update the NVIDIA graphics driver



Step 1: Check the graphic card

In the search bar enter device manager, and select the Display Adapters tab.

Select the NVIDIA GeForce tab

Select the Driver tab

Check the Driver Date, if older than 2 months, you should update it. Record the details of your graphics card. This one for example is a NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3070 Ti Laptop GPU.

STEP 2: Update the graphic card driver

Go to and select drivers in the upper right-hand corner

Select your driver details from the drop-down menu and select search

Select download

Select download again

After the download is complete, open the folder and run as administrator.

Select the saving path and Install the driver.

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