File storage change in new version

With the V1.0.0.3104 IntroralScan software update, the scan file storage will be changed from automated local storage (according to the settings) to manual exporting.

  • Save Hard Drive Space

Except for the beb format file that takes up little hard drive space, the new version will no longer save the order in obj, stl, or ply file automatically in the local disk after completing a scan. On the other hand, you can only export the obj,stl, or ply format file according to the export options you configured for each time. This will help you save hard drive space, speed up your computer and have a better experience of scanning.

Note: Beb format is an encryption format of SHINING 3D.

  • More flexible exporting options
  1. After completing the scan, click the "Export" button to launch the export options menu.
  2. If necessary, you could set the export folder name and where the files are going to be exported.
  3. You can select CAD types for the design software you will work with.
  4. Choose the data format type you want to export and work with. You could highlight all three types as you can see below the gif.
  5. After configuring the export options, click confirm to start exporting.

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