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The article presents the software release notes and download info of IntraoralScan Software.

And the article applies to Aoralscan 3, Aoralscan2 and Aoralscan Software

IntraoralScan - Latest version


V1.0.0.3104Aug 1, 2022 SHNING3D Server Dropbox

  • Dynamic bite (for exocad) 
  • Ortho simulation 2.0 (tooth extraction) 
  • Accudesign (Delete function needs to be optimized before release)
  • Health report (all features and PDF export)
  • Patient management (Check if the patient information are matched between the software and the cloud)
  • Send the order to yourself. Then use another computer and log in to your cloud account. Check if the order is shown in the downloading list and can be transferred to other formats.
  • Data export: Choose the format and export locally when necessary.
  • User setting adjustment
  1. Delete the personal doctor option
  2. Remove personal doctor and lab on the registration page.
  3. The account needs to join an institution before entering the main page.
  4. If the account has multiple institutions, he needs to choose one after logging in.
  5. All accounts registered before V3100 will be added to a default institution (same name as your account)
  • Add ‘implant’ and ‘other’ cases. (Test if you can enter the scan page correctly. Transfer ‘other’ cases to ‘restoration’, ‘implant’, or ‘orthodontics’, then try adding scan and exporting the data to the cloud)
  • Screenshot and recording function
  • Customized scanning music 
  • Click the remote assistance in the support icon
  • Dynamic bite and AI recognition
  • Optimize metal tooth scan, 
  • Doctor management in the Cloud
  • Update the firmware: deep sleep mode, after 30 mins, tail cable light will turn off and cut off the use cable (Check if the update is successful and count down the 30 mins)
  • Delete Dental Viewer in the installation 

IntraoralScan Previous versions

Previous versions of IntroralScan are available for download, as well as a list of their associated changes.


V1.0.0.3064May 31, 2022 SHNING3D Server Dropbox

  • Optimize the geographical flow diversion function
  • Fix the failure of orthodontic software to create projects on the all-in-one machine cart.
  • Optimize the firmware upgrade tool.
  • Added support for automatic synchronization of OEM and language control labels from the cloud

V1.0.0.3054April 4, 2022 SHNING3D ServerDropbox

  • Optimized the cart problem of the all-in-one machine: fixed the problem that the AI button was not displayed for the first time; 
  • Optimize the lagging problem occurred when AI opened; Fixed “failed to create project” in orthodontic simulation.
  • Fix camera window turning blue.
  • Fix the issue of missing occlusal collision effect and color band when occlusal scan is completed.

V1.0.0.3045Jan 31, 2022 SHNING3D Server Dropbox

  • Add Korean. 
  • The display of automatic hole filling area after post-processing can be set to gray or color, and the default is color (Settings → Scan Settings). 
  • Upgrade firmware 3 to 3.2
  • Compatible with Windows11 professional edition (version: 21H2_22000.376). 

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