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How to handle when converted files are not displayed in the download section


You can try clicking the  in the download tab to convert the data.

What to do if the document format in the download list does not meet the requirements?

Change the conversion format of individual documents


  1. Go to the Cases. Click on the Actions column to navigate to the Download tab.

  2. Click the Other Formats next to the project documents. In the Convert dialog that appears, select the target format and click Confirm .


To change the default conversion format for the institution


  1. Go to the Institution.

  2. In the Base Info tab, set the Default Conversion Format .

  3. Click Submit to save the settings. The format for new project documents will be converted according to this setting. For existing cases, you need to manually convert document format based on the new setting.

Only administrators can change the default conversion format for the institution

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