Create and change patient information

FAQs for Clinic Accounts

How to create a new patient


  1. Go to the Patients. Then click + New patient.

  2. Fill in patient information; Name , Gender , and Date of Birth are required fields.

  3. Click Submit to complete the patient creation.

  4. A new row is added at the top of the patient list, recording various information of the patient.

How to change patient information


  1. Go to the  Patients. Then click Patient Name to navigate to the detail page.

  2. Click  beside the name, and a drawer will appear from the right margin where you can edit patient information.

  3. Click Submit.

How to view patient report?


  1. Go to the Patients. Then click Patient Name to navigate to the detail page.

  2. Click Report.

Click  to generate the QR code of the report

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