Inviting Other Accounts

FAQs for Clinic Accounts

How to invite other accounts to join the current institution

Follow these steps 


  1. Go to the Members, then click + Add. A window will pop up for you to add member.

  2. Enter the phone number or email address of the member you want to invite. You can choose to set them as a member (default) or an administrator.

  3. After verifying the input, click Submit to send the invitation as the current institution's administrator.

  4. A new row will be added to the member list, recording the information of the invited account, with the status column showing To be confirmed .

  5. Once the invited account agrees to join, the status column of that row will change to Confirmed, indicating a successful invitation.


Only institution administrators can establish a connection 

An account can belong to more than one institution.

If the entered account does not exist, this account will be automatically created. The invited account will need to complete verification, set a password, and upon logging into the platform, can accept or reject the invitation.

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