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This article summarizes the release note for each version of MetiSmile, the Software For MetiSmile Face Scanner

For PC environment, please refer to MetiSmile_PC and Working Environment Requirements

MetiSmile - Latest version


V1.1.0.8August, 2023SHNING3D Server(NA)Dropbox

  1. Add instructions for device connection.
  2. Delete technician information from the order creation interface.
  3. Fix some bugs.

V1.1.0.7July , 2023SHNING3D Server(NA)Dropbox

  1. Short Press the space key on the keyboard or the button on the device briefly to start or stop the scanning process.
  2. The order in use can be deleted.
  3. The mandibular trajectory tracking scan module is not visible in the order creation interface if the device is without authorization.
  4. Support importing intraoral scan data generated by 3rd party.
  5. Enhance the accuracy of feature points recognition.
  6. Improve the user experience by getting rid of frequent reminders about internet issues that appear during the order creation process.
  7. Improve the face data shown in DentalView by reducing the shininess.
  8. Resolve the bug where Chinese characters appear during the device activation process.
  9. Add the instruction of rotating the calibration plate between camera calibration and plane calibration during calibration process.
  10. Resolve the bug in ICONS and its tips where the handheld and fixed scan types are labeled incorrectly in the scanning interface.
  11. Fixed some bugs.

V1.1.0.5Jan 13, 2023SHNING3D Server(NA)Dropbox


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