AccuFab-D1 Z Axis controller error pressure sensor error

Multiple errors (Usually more than one error messages):

Usually it's the mainboard issue. Since it's unlikely that multiple components break down at the same time. 

  • Z-axis controller error
  • X-axis controller error
  • Pressure sensor error

Error Message

Error messages 

How to confirm:

When we find multiple errors. We can follow the 3 ways to diagnostic.

  1. Check the power indicator light. You can refer to LED Codes below to check if any error.
  2. Check the power input of X and Z driver with multimeter. Check if it has 24V DC input(V- and V+).
  3. If you don't have the multimeter in hand. You can take out the mother board and check the back. Locate Q13 and check for burnt mark.

Driver ports for reference

Possible results:

  • Pressure sensor faulty: If the input is correct. Then you can try to disable the pressure sensor. 
  • Power for driver is faulty : If the input is incorrect. Then it's likely that the mainboard power output for driver is faulty. Then we need to fix the main board issue.

Q13 burnt

How to fix:

Once we determine the mainboard issue. We can either replace the mainboard assembly or try to fix the board by replacing the component. 

Try to get a magnetic bead as below.

Magnetic bead

Replacement step:

  1. Remove the Q13 ( DO NOT let the pins connect and create short circuit )
  2. Weld the magnetic bead to FB20.

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