AccuFab-D1 Projector Diagnostic

After using AccuFab-D1 for long time. 

Especially for customer who uses High power mode mainly(DC material). 

The projector issue may appear sooner than others. 

So what we can do to check wether the projector is still in good condition?

The most obvious way is to check the printed parts.

When you find the following symptoms. We would recommend you to check the projector:

  1. Parts are soft/deformed/abnormal printing. AccuFab-D1 Abnormal Printing result
  2. The part accuracy dropped dramatically.
  3. Light presents when it should not.

Quick check with manual control pf projector:

Remove the resin tank. And place an A4 paper on the platform frame.

Go to Settings-Projector Settings-Projector 

And Change the Status to 'ON' and the default mode is 'Dark'. When it should project no light.

Check the status on the paper.  If any light presents (Check sample pics below). 

Meaning the projector is faulty. And it needs to be replaced. 

And when the 'Dark' Mode is OK.

We can proceed to the next checking procedure.

We can choose 'Grid1' and 'Grid2' 

Then check the projection grid. 

If the projection is clean. Then it's not a problem. But if you can see some blur or extra light. 

Then you can check optical path.

To clean the optical path and then check again.

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