AccuFab-D1 Abnormal Printing result

In this page we are trying to list and present the most common printing issues of AccuFab-D1. 

As there are quite a few factors may lead to printing quality issue or failure. 

Main factors are:

  • Environment: Temperature and humidity
  • Manual Level
  • Dirty optical path 
  • Resin tank issue
  • Projector Issue

User can diagnose the issue accordingly.

Type I: Parts fall from the platform



Level issue: Customer can  Level the platform or sanding the platform surface to make it rough.

Light intensity dropping: Customer can increase the setting for "Enhanced  exposure time offset" by5 or 10s to try.

 If the situation improved. Then increase the"Exposure time offset" as well with smaller step for example 0.2 or 0.4s. 

Material separating: AccuFab D1s Stir the Material

Resin tank issue: Check the resin tank. Replace if neccesory.                              

Projector faultyAccuFab-D1 Projector Diagnostic

Type II: Lights on when it's not printing/Extra curing surrounding the build platform


Customer can check the projector status. And contact for further action.

Type III: Part separates from the support structure. 

Customer can change the top and bottom radius of the settings in 3DDlp or AccuWare software. To enhance the support structure. You can check the article for details. 

Type IV: Parts are in a mess 

Customer can check the material setting. To make sure that you are selecting the right material profile for your material. 

The settings of different materials are with much difference. By using the wrong settings. Can cause printing issue.

Type V: Layers separating. /Cut in the middle layers

The possible reason for this are

  • Wrong material profile
  • Decreasing light intensity

Customer can check the settings of the material.

Or increase the expoure time by 0.2s or 0.4s.

Type VI: Extra Curing around the printed parts

What customer can do:  check the optical path  and clean it.

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