AccuFab-D1 Platform can not hold the position


  • Platform hitting the base of resin tank hard during printing of starting layers.
  • Printing only successful at the first build after manual level.
  • Part out-of-straignt in Z axis

Parts not straight in Z axis

Possible root cause

  • Screw stripping because of the screw or screw hole. And causing the unstable position of the block that holds the platform.

  • Screws not tight enough on platform. Which will also cause the platform possition shifting.


  •   Tight all screws for the platform holding.  
  •   Replace the platform holder together with the screws.

How to confirm: 

  • Looking for evidence of the screw stripping.

  • Looking for loosen screws.

  • Looking for uneven status of platform.

Platform not parallel to the holder

  • Check if the screws for platform are tight enough.

Screws for platform

  • Perform the manual level again. And check after one print. Check if the position changed again.


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