How can I get a quick solution?

For the troubleshooting part. It usually takes a lot of time trying to get the information.

As we will ask for error info and some pictures or videos which can shows us some directly info.

So if you can offer them at first report. It will reduce the time cost greatly.

Record: Whatever the issue is. Take as much record as you can.

  • Record the serial no. of the device/Software version.
  • Error codes and messages. 
  • Screen shot or pictures of the symptoms. 
  • Videos of the abnormal behavior.
  • Try to find out what has been changed before the problem occur. (For some software issue. It's related to the windows update, or some new antivirus software installation)
  • Remote session ID and Password for troubleshooting

Contact: Contact the support with the information you collect.  Which customer can have 2 choices.

With the info provided. Engineer should be able to see what's going on and what has been changed or so.

  • If it's a common issue. Engineer can have a quick judge and offers the solution. Or connect with you directly to solve the problem. 

Coorperative: If the problem insist. Engineer will need to do more tests on hardware or software. You will need to collaborate with the engineers and assist the test. So being cooperative is also very important for a quick solution.

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