Cord Adjust



Before further applications and sending, the scanning data should be adjusted in a coordinate system, which eases the following inspection and design. 


How to adjust the model?


Click the “Cord Adjust” button on the pre-design bar to enter the interface of adjustment. 

Users can check the positions and angles of the model from 3 views, and it is necessary to adjust the model to be horizontal and cover the central shadow areas of the coordinate system. As for the specific operations of moving and rotating the model, please refer to the previous article: Shortcut Instructions and Basic Operations.

Click the “Auto” button to adjust the model automatically.

Click the “Reset” button to reset the adjustment. 


The coordinate adjustment is just for the IntraoralScan only, which can influence the bite map. After importing into other design software, for example, EXOCAD, it is necessary to adjust the model again. 

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