Extraction of Marginlines




A margin line, defined as the boundary curve of the contact area between a prepared tooth and a dental restoration, considerably influences the end shape of the dental restoration design. The intraoral software provides efficient extraction methods for marginlines, enabling users to quickly acquire accurate marginline data. 


How to extract marginlines?


STEP 1: Create an order and scan the data

Create an order and collect the data. Here, we used the temporary crown model as an example. The 16th tooth needs a design for a temporary crown and the extraction of the marginline.

STEP 2: Mark teeth

Click the “mark teeth” on the bar, and enter the interface of marking teeth. Select the tooth number on the left side first, then double-click the corresponding tooth position on the right model to mark.

STEP 3: Extract the marginline

Click the “marginline” on the bar, and enter the interface of the marginline. 

Click the “automatic margin line extraction” to generate a marginline instantly. Then, a green tick will appear on the right side of the tooth number, which means the marginline has been extracted successfully. 

If it is necessary to modify the marginline, click the tooth number and enter the interface of adjustment. Various tools are provided for different scenarios. 


  • Sectional View: By turning on the function, it will show the curvature changes of the cross-sectional profile along the vertical direction of the occlusal surface and along the normal direction of the tooth surface at the cursor position. 

  • Draw Line Extraction: Under this mode, users can hold down the left mouse button to draw marginline around the teeth to complete a marginline. 

Users can draw new lines to replace the original parts.

  • Segment Extraction: For teeth with few pronounced marginal features, click to generate control points. Double-click to form a closed loop. 

Users can adjust details by dragging points.

Add new control points by long-pressing the margin line. 

  • Magnetic Switcher: For teeth with pronounced marginal features, users can draw the characteristic points on the model’s edge. 

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