Dental Cloud V3920 Updated Content

What’s new for V3920?

  • Making a connection to a Clinic from Lab
  • Moving data from one Clinic (or Lab) to another
  • Dissolving a Clinic (or Lab)

Making a connection to a Clinic from Lab

1. A lab admin role can send a request to a Clinic to make the connection.

A Clinic admin role can view and approve the request from Lab and complete the connection.

2. The Clinic (or Lab) admin role can enable the Automatic verification function to approve the request automatically.

Click Institution Setting tab >> Automatic review for connection creat -- On >> Submit

Moving data from one Clinic (or Lab) to another

Data Migration and Dissolution of institutions function is added to the Institution Setting tab.

The Data Migration function is for moving data from one Clinic (or Lab) to another, especially for the administrator to integrate data before dissolving a Clinic (or Lab).

  • Only support Data migration between the same type of institution, for example, from one clinic to another.
  • Cross-border data migration is not supported at this time

1.Contact the democlinic01 (the data receiving institution) to obtain the verification code before initiating the Data migration.

2.Select the democlinic01 (attribution institution) Generate the verification code.

3. Send the verification code to the democlinic01 (attribution institution) for the Data Migration.

4.Start the Data Migration verification and select the democlinic01.

   Enter the verification code from the democlinic01 (the data receiving institution) 

5. After the Status shows Succeeded, the Data Migration is completed.

Dissolving a Clinic (or Lab)

  • After a Clinic (or Lab) is dissolved, all related data, such as cases, relationships, members, and patients, will be automatically cleared. Please check whether there are incomplete orders, etc., and deal in time.
  • After the institution is dissolved, it will no longer be possible to perform all related operations, such as creating/receiving orders, adding members, making connections, and patient management.
  • The dissolution of the organization does not affect the regular use of the current account, and Dental Cloud can still be logged in normally.
  • You can using Data migration feature to integrate data before dissolving a Clinic (or Lab) .
  • If the dissolution is successful, the data will not be retrieved; please make a corresponding backup; this operation is irreversible; please operate with caution.

  1. Click Institution Setting tab >> Dissolution of institutions.
  2. Check and agree on the Institutional Dissolution Notice. Click Continue to dissolute.
  3. Select an account to complete the verification.
  4. Enter the verification code you received with the associated Email or Phone number.
  5. Click Next and Confirm.

You will be noticed that the Clinic (or Lab) will be dissolved in 72 hours. During this period, you can click Revoke dissolution to withdraw the Dissolution.

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