Cannot find the order when open the link in the notification email

When the clinic has sent an order to your lab, a notification email will be sent to your email address associated with your 

Shining 3D account.

Note:When redirect  from the notification Email to the Dental Cloud,the Dental Cloud will display the main page of the user role you work with for last time. So you might need to follow steps below to find the desired order. This will be optimized in the future.

  1. Click and view the link in the notification email and it will be redirected to the Dental cloud main page with your account.
  2. If the order related to the notification email hasn’t been displayed on the page. 
  3. Click on user role option where the area displays the institution name in the upper right corner and select the correct institution (user role) to which the clinic sent order. 
  4. Once you toggle to the correct user role, the order will be displayed.

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