User Account Definition: New VS Old

In this article, we are going to explain the account setting and related info.

You will find differences in creating an account and also the roles and definition between new and old version of Shining3D Cloud. There are some adjustments been made in order to improve the user experience as well as data safety. 


Create an account

Old version: There are three types of account for you to choose from to create an new account.  

New version: It is mandatory for an account to either join in a institution (Clinic or lab) or create a new institution(Clinic or lab)And finally it ends up with the creation of an role in an institution for your account

Note:  For the new version, there are four roles in institution you can choose.  Specific features can be used according to the role type.

Four roles in institutions

For new version, you could have several different roles at the same time in your account.  

You need to select one role to login to the Shining3D Dental Cloud and get access to the specific features and permissions you want.

Detailed information for features and permissions of roles, please refer to the User Manual.

How the roles work in the Clinic?

When you create an new account and choose an role in clinic

  1. Choose the role of Clinic administrator and create an institution, you will automatically become the admin for the Clinic.
  2. Choose the role of  Dentists and join in an Clinic, you will become the member of the clinic after your application is confirmed by the admin of the clinic.
  3. Choose the role of Clinic administrator to login, you will get access to permission to promote a Dentists to an Clinic administrator.
  4. Choose the role of Clinic administrator to login, you will get access to build or suspend an connection to the Lab.
  5. Choose the role of  Dentists to login, you could send order via connections of the Clinic.  And you have no permission for building a connection 

Individual doctor account transformation rules   

When you login with an Individual doctor account  to the new version of Shining3D Dental Cloud

Individual doctor without joining in any institutions in the old version 

1.A default Clinic with a role will be created for the Individual doctor account.

2.Data transfer rules: 

  • The original data for the account will be transferred to the default clinic just created. 
  • After the data transfer, the data including Patient, Connection, Case is permanently  bound to default clinic cannot be transferred to other institutions.

3. The only way to use original data is to login with the corresponding role

Individual doctor already joined in institutions in the old version 

Data categorization and transferring rules

Data in the Old version is categorized as institution data and personal data.

  • Institution data is defined as the data which is created or sent out in institution's name including Cases, Patients, Connections.  
  • Personal data is defined as the data which is created or sent out in the name of individuals including Cases, Patients, Connections.

Data in the New version is stored in the name of institution only. 

  • Login to the Shining3d Dental Cloud with choosing role to get access to the institution data.
  • The data of institutions will only be available for institution's members. 

  • Data can only be created or sent out in the name of the institution.

  1. Institution will be retained in the Shining3D Dental Cloud for storing institution  data which is created or sent out in the name of institution  including Cases, Patients, Connections. 
  2. Default institutions will be created for restoring personal data which is created or sent out in the name of individuals including Cases, Patients, Connections. 
  3. The institution  will only retain the information of the members rather the data created or sent out in the name of individuals.
  4. The institution  will retain the connections of members which is created in the name of individual. So that the members could send cases out as it dose in the old version and only need to chooses the role in the right institution .

Lab and Hospital/clinic account transformation rules

New version will keep your original institution and create a role corresponding to your original account permission. 

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