AccuFab-D1 maintenance tips

When we talk about the maintenance of AccuFab-D1. Usually we are refering the modules below:

  • Optical path
  • Resin tank 
  • Platform
  • X axis
  • Projector module

For issues of the printer it's usually related to the modules above. One of them or some of them.

Optical path cleaning:

 The dirty optical path is a most common issue for some of the issues such as:

  • extra curing around the parts
  • Printed parts are soft then before
  • Part can't stick to the platform

And we actually advice customer to clean it every once in a while. For example each month. To have a clean optical path and prevent print fails. Check procedure

Resin tank issue:

Resin tank is another factor that affects the printing in most cases. As the resin tank films are fragile and needs to be handled carefully. Customer can perform a resin tank inspection when there is a print failure. 

The resin tank issue often related to:

  • Part can't stick to the platform
  • Parts has lines on the side 

The quickest way to find out wether the resin tank is : Looking for evidence of faulty resin tank/films or simply replace a new one to test.


Platform is a quite simple part. But in some cases you may still find the issue of it. 

Which usually related to the issue below:

  • Platform can not hold the position . Customer can replace the holder and screws to
  • Part can't stick to the platform. Platform surfaces becomes too smooth after using for long time.  Customer can sand the platform surface with sanding machine in the lab to make it rough. To help with the issue part stick to the platform.

X axis 


X axis is a part that is working consistantly throughout the printing process. Which may leads to some issue after long time.

  • Noise when moving
  • Print stuck

For the X axis, Customer can check regularly.we suggest to clean and lubricate the axis every once in a while.  

And if the lubrication can't help with the issue. Then we suggest to replace a new one. 

Light intensity dropping :


Light intensity of Projector will gradually dropping along with the usage of projector. And once it's reaching certain level. We may find printing issue. Especially for the printer that has been used for long time.

  • Printed parts are soft then before
  • Part can't stick to the platform
  • Part seprates in the middle of the part

And we have 2 ways to improve the situation. 

  • Increase the exposure time and enhanced exposure time setting for the material. Which is a easy but not as accurate as the 2nd way. Customer can simply increase the exposure time setting for each.  

Suggested steps of changing:

           As different printer may face different dropping of UV power. Customer may need to test out with certain amount of times in order to get proper exposure time again.  

          For enhanced exposure time setting(For the first few layers): we suggest to increase with larger step: +5s or +10s.

          For exposure time setting(For the rest layers): we suggest to increase with smaller step: +0.2s or +0.4s each time. 

  • Re-calibrate the light intensity with professional meter for UV. 

          This is a step that requires professional tool and certain procedure. Please submit a ticket and we will assist you to complete the procedure.

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