AccuFab-D1 How to clean optical path

If customer find that the optical path is contaminated. By the optical path check procedure.

Customer can then go ahead and perform the clean procedure.

How to clean

  • Remove the resin tank from the machine.
  • Release the 4 screws around the corners.
  • Remove the black and red frame from the machine.
  • Remove the glass from the machine.
  • Expose the projector as shown in the picture below.
  • Wet the lint-free cloth by Alcohol(≥95%).Then wipe the projector lens gently.
  • Spray the alcohol on to the glass then use the lint-free cloth to wipe around to clean.
  • After finish cleaning the optical path, assemble the glass, frame and tight the screws successively.

Also you can check the cleaning demonstration. Check Video

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