AccuFab-D1 Resin tank inspection V1/2

For AccuFab-D1 users. You will find 2 versions of resin tank. V1 and V2.

V2 is the upgraded version of V1. Which has a replacement kit. which makes it easier to replace.


Both of them have 2 layers of films and a base of glass.  

And how to tell that the resin tank is faulty and film replacement is required?

When we should check resin tank

The most direct way to determine is the printing result. If you find some Abnormal Printing result. Resin tank issue is one of the most common one that related to it.

How to determine the issue

The quickest way to determine a resin tank issue. Is to try the same print with a new/different resin tank.

Or customer can look for the symptoms. 

Typical symptoms:

  • Water Mark
  • Small Hole
  • Scratches/Holes/other defects
  • Material leakage

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