What is necessary to do in the different acquisitions steps TUTORIAL for IMPLANTS / TUTORIAL for PRE-OP


Define the job: I select 2 screw-retained implants on 25th and 27th 



Once started the acquisition process the first acquisition that is necessary to do is the mouth without the scan bodies. This will be the surface that the lab will use to draw on the gingiva the closing points of the element.  


In the third step, it’s necessary ( double-clicking ) to delete the part where will be placed the scan bodies. SUGGESTION: delete the smallest possible part because the scanner will use the part acquired before in order to register the scan bodies correctly.



In the next step, the part acquired before will be blocked ( green surface ) and will be possible to acquire the scan bodies. SUGGESTION: When you acquire the scan bodies, start the acquisition from the base of them, in order to help the software to know the correct position. All the time that the scanner loses the tracking move the scanner on the gingiva, in this way you will help the scanner to find the correct position


Complete the acquisition steps with the antagonist arch and the byte.


Here you are the final result.


Define the job: I select 2 crowns 14-16 with the option PRE-OP enable and a pontic element on the 15th.

Once started the acquisition process in the first step is necessary to acquire the mouth WITH THE PROVISIONAL CROWNS MOUNTED

In the second acquisition, step will be necessary to acquire the antagonist arch, this has sense because the third acquisition will be the occlusion with the provisional into the patient mouth. In this way, we can register the occlusion with the reference of the provisional crowns.

Once completed the occlusion will be necessary to cut with care the provisional teeth that we acquired at the beginning. The software will show us the surface with the provisional elements, here thanks to the double click we should erase the PRE-OP.

In the last acquisition step, it’s necessary to acquire the dies. SUGGESTION: in order to obtain the best result start the acquisition from a surface that you haven't deleted previously, in this way the scanner will match perfectly the position of the dies.

Finally, here you are the final result with and without the provisional



Filippo Maestri EMEA

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