What is a temporary institution?

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What is a temporary institution?

To facilitate training for newly added members, the Dental Cloud Platform has set up temporary institutions.

When logging in for the first time, if you select a role and click Join in the institution, a Join Temporary Institution entry will appear at the bottom of the pop-up dialog.

To join a temporary institution, please note the following rules:

  1. Temporary institutions are not limited by institution type.

  2. Joining a temporary institution does not require approval from the institution administrator. Submitting the application will automatically join the institution.

  3. While being a member of a temporary institution, if you successfully create or join another institution, you will automatically exit the temporary institution.

  4. When exiting a temporary institution, all data within that temporary institution will be invalidated.

  5. The trial period for a temporary institution is 3 days. After the trial period expires, your account will automatically exit the temporary institution. To ensure continuous product experience, please create or join another institution as soon as possible.

  6. An account can only join a temporary institution once, and once you exit, you cannot join again.

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