Film Replacement for Resin Tank

The guidelines apply to the maintenance of the AccuFab-D1S V6 resin tank.


When the number of printed layers exceeds 30,000, or when there are excessive scratches or protrusions on the V6 resin tank film under normal lighting conditionsfollow the guidelines provided by Shining 3D to replace the film for the V6 resin tank.


Required sources

Nitrile gloves 95% or higher isopropyl alcoholFilm replacement kit 2.5mm Hey Key Allen WenchDishwashing liquid 

Estimated time: 20 minutes



Before performing maintenance

Preparing the workspace

Prepare a dust-free workspace for replacing the V6 resin tank and an additional space for storing the accessories of the V6 resin Tank during replacement.


unplug the printer

Before performing maintenance, please turn off the printer and disconnect the power cable from the printer. Do not perform maintenance on the printer while the printer is connected to power.


Performing maintenance on the printer while it is plugged in increases the risk of electric shock. 



Guide to film replacement


Clean the film surface with the existing resin, and dispose of any liquid resin or contaminated items in accordance with environmental regulations.     


Resin may cause skin irritation or an allergic skin reaction. Wear Nitrile gloves when handling liquid resin . If it comes into contact with the skin, wash skin with plenty of soap and water.


Disassembling the resin tank                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          

STEP 1: Removing the glass plate from the V6 resin tank 

Use a 2.5 mm hex wrench to loosen and remove the six screws located on the base plate of the resin tank, set glass plate and screws aside.




STEP 2: Removing the film 

USE a 2.5mm hex key wrench to loosen and remove the eight screws from the metal frame , set film and screws aside.




 Please note that the six silver screws securing the metal frame should not be removed.



Cleaning the resin tank glass plate

Inspect the resin tank glass plate to ensure it is free from dust and cured resin. 



Always wear clean gloves when cleaning the glass plate to prevent contamination.


STEP 1: Wiping glass plate with 95% or higher isopropyl alcohol 

Wipe the glass plate of the resin tank with alcohol to remove any residual resin or dust. Repeating until you have cleaned the entire glass surface.




STEP 2: Cleaning with Dishwashing liquid

Clean the glass plate again with Dishwashing liquid to ensure a smooth and texture-free surface. 





Replacing the film replacement kit

STEP 1: placing the film replacement kit

After removing the new film replacement kit, ensure that the screws on the film are oriented upwards. Subsequently, insert the film assembly into the resin tank carefully.   


Tip : press the metal frame to ensure the film replacement kit fits perfectly with the resin tank.

STEP2 : fixing film replacement kit 

Tighten the eight screws diagonally to ensure they are fully seated.



Tip: After tightening the screws, the film is in a taut state.


STEP 3: Installing the resin tank glass plate

Use a 2.5 mm hex wrench to tighten the six screws on the resin tank's glass plate in a diagonal sequence. 



TipThe resin tank glass plate is equipped with two alignment dowel pins for precise positioning with the resin tank.

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