AccuFab D1s Clean Residue Procedure

When residues remain in the resin tank, customers need to clean the resin tank. AccuFab D1s has a built-in cleaning function. Here is the tutorial to show detailed steps. 

Tools Preparation:

Disposal Gloves PET card

Step 1:  Access to clean residue function.

There are two ways to access the function.

1.  Open a sliced file (.slp3)

In the checklist interface, click "Go to clean the resin tank."

2. In the main interface, click "Settings -> Project Settings -> Start Clean."

 Step 2: In the pop-up window, click "Confirm," and the printer will cure the bottom layer for 10 seconds. 

Step 3: After the curing is finished, take out the PET card from the accessory box and use it to peel off the bottom layer.

Step 4: Remove the cured layer and ready to print.


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