Lubrication of Guide Rails

The guidelines apply to the maintenance of the AccuFab-D1S.



To ensure smooth and quiet movement of the Z-axis components and prevent rust on the printer rails, lubricate the lead screw when unusual noises causing printing failures occur. This reduces wear and noise, maintaining the printer's accuracy and lifespan. Follow the guidelines provided by Shining 3D to lubricate the guide rails.



Required sources

Nitrile gloves 、Polyester swabs、Lubricating grease、Cell phone light

Before performing maintenance

Preparing the workspace

Prepare the AccuFab-D1S and a dust-free workspace for lubricating the guide rails. Prepare additional space for storing the build platform bracket and resin tank during maintenance.



Unplug the printer

Before performing maintenance, please turn off the printer and disconnect the power cable from the printer. Do not perform maintenance on the printer while the printer is connected to power.


Performing maintenance on the printer while it is plugged in increases the risk of electric shock. 

Guide for Applying lubricating grease

Clean the build platform with the existing resin, and dispose of any liquid resin or contaminated items in accordance with environmental regulations.  



Resin may cause skin irritation or an allergic skin reaction. Wear Nitrile gloves when handling liquid resin . If it comes into contact with the skin, wash skin with plenty of soap and water.



Remove the build platform and resin tank

Put on nitrile gloves , carefully remove the build platform and resin tank in sequence, placing them aside.




Lubricate the lead screw

STEP 1:Using a Polyester swab to apply an appropriate amount of lubricating grease.

STEP 2:Placing the phone light flat in the gap to view the position of the lead screw

STEP 3:Applying the lubricating grease slowly and evenly onto the lead screw



During the operation, please handle with care and ensure that lubricating grease does not come into contact with the surface of the cover plate.


Reinstall the build platform and resin tank

Assemble the resin tank and build platform in sequence.





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