Copy Denture Scanning Workflow for DS-EX Series Desktop Scanners

A step-by-step denture scanning workflow for DS-EX desktop scanners.

Check your PC work environment to make sure your computer has the correct specs to run the software properly. 

Set up your order in the DentalScan software. Please select "Restoration" and "Unsectioned Model"

Then select all teeth and select "Full Denture", bite rim off, and scan pre-op model off. Select the material your denture will be manufactured with and select finish.

*Note- If you are scanning upper and lower dentures, select all teeth on both arches.

Scan with the palatal side of the denture facing up.   

Once the scan is finished, select the flip scan tab, and turn the denture over so the intaglio is facing upward and select the play button.

The 2 scans will align.  Select the checkmark to go to the predesign phase.

In the predesign phase you can edit the unnecessary data and fill any holes in the scan

Fill the holes and select the checkmark to go to the send phase.

On the send page, you can select the laboratory where you would like your case files to go. If you select send, the files will automatically go to the lab of your choice. 

If you select finish the case will be saved on your order page and in the dental order folder.

If you choose to export the scan files, you can choose the format, and where you would like the files to be saved on your computer.


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