DS-Calibration Plate Cleaning and Care


  • Store in black cloth bag that calibration plate came in
  • Store in cool place, away from direct sunlight
  • Do not place or stack other objects on top
  • Handle with care!
    1. Do not scratch surface
    2. Do not touch surface with hands
    3. Avoid oils from skin on surface
  • Inspect
    1. Even the smallest scratch or imperfection to the white circles and dots will create an error during calibration (Add image failed). A new plate will need to be purchased



  • Do’s:
    1. Keeping in designated cloth bag should keep the plate keep
    2. Dust with dry, soft cloth that does not leave fibers behind
    3. Gently wipe surface with cloth
  • Don’t’s:
    1. Do not use alcohol or any other solvent to clean
    2. Do not use rough cloth or paper that will leave behind fibers

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