Case management page(Labs)

Login to the Dental Cloud and click on Cases tab on the left to enter the Cases page. Make sure that the account you logged into contains either a lab admin role or a member role. 

1.Filter option:  

  • Fill in the name of the doctor, hospital or the account number to search for specific cases.
  • Select the treatment type (Restoration, Implant, Orthodontics) to display corresponding cases.
  • Select the date range to display multiple case.
  • Check Fail to convert option to display cases which has a failed data conversion.


  • The cases are filtered into different case categories.
  • All - Shows all your cases.
  • Pending - Cases will appear in when you received an order and are awaiting your acceptance.
  • Temporary storage - Cases will appear in here when you uploaded an order to your cloud.
  • Design included - Cased will appear in here when you upload a design to the order.
  • Shipping info included - Cases with shipping information
  • Messages included - Cases with messages recorded
  • Canceled - Cases will appear in here when you withdraw an order (Clinic)

3.Options for received cases of lab admin role

  • Data assessment - Assessment report, Download, Message, Details,
  • Accept order
  • Upload design
  • Ship

4.Options for received cases of lab member role

  • Download
  • Message
  • Details
  • Accept order
  • Upload design
  • Ship

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