How to create a user role

How to create a user role in Shining3D account?

When you log in to the Dental Cloud, you will be asked to either create a new institution or join in an existing institution.

Please refer to article Login to Shining3D Dental Cloud for more details.

You will choose its type depending on what type of business you run (Clinic or Lab) and what type of work you do for the institution. In this case, we'll create Clinic roles for demonstrating.

1)Assume that you are an administrator or the owner of the clinic, you are recommended to create a new institution (Clinic 1). You will automatically be assigned an admin role of Clinic 1 by the Dental Cloud. You have relatively unlimited access to Dental Cloud services of Clinic 1.

2)Since an institution of Clinic 1 has been created. Dentists, staff and other people will work with your institution on Dental Cloud could apply to join in your Clinic 1.  See Login to Shining3D Dental Cloud.

3)  An admin role has permission to review and accept the application for joining in the institution.  And admin role should either assign an admin role or a member role to the applicant to complete the process. 

4)  An admin role has permission to invite other users to join the institution Clinic 1 and assign either an admin role or a member role.


  • An unlimited number of roles could be created with in account. In other words, you can create or join in multiple institution.
  • The workflows for creating Lab admin roles and member roles are the same. Be aware that the Clinic role and Lab role have different permission in the Dental Cloud. See User roles and permissions.
  • It could be a security risk if you assign too many admin roles, we recommend you that only assign admin roles to those who really need it.

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