What happens if I stop the curing process and continue it after several minutes?

If you stop the UV curing process and then continue it after several minutes, it is possible that the resin will not cure properly and may have defects or weaknesses.

UV curing involves the polymerization of a resin using UV light. During the curing process, the UV light causes chemical reactions in the resin that result in the formation of a solid object. If the UV curing process is stopped and then resumed, the resin may not have received a sufficient amount of UV light to fully polymerize and may be incompletely cured. This can result in a weak or brittle print with poor mechanical properties, and may also result in defects or imperfections in the surface finish of the print.

It is generally recommended to complete the UV curing process in a single session, without interruptions, in order to ensure the best possible results. If you need to stop the curing process, it is a good idea to wait until the resin has fully cooled down before attempting to resume the curing process. This will help to minimize the risk of defects or imperfections in the finished print.

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