Why do I need to cure a resin after printing?

Curing is an important step in the 3D printing process with LCD or DLP printers, as it helps to harden the resin and improve the overall strength and quality of the finished print.

During the printing process, the resin is exposed to UV light or other forms of energy, which causes the resin to polymerize and form a solid object. However, the resin may not be fully cured after printing and may still be somewhat soft and brittle.

Curing the resin after printing helps to complete the polymerization process and fully harden the resin. This can improve the mechanical properties of the print, such as its strength and rigidity, and can also help to reduce shrinkage and warping.

Overall, curing the resin after printing is an important step that helps to ensure the best possible results with an LCD or DLP printer.

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