View a printer’s status (Printer List)

Sharing print information across Clinic(or Lab)

Once bound printers to a Clinic(or Lab)on the Detanl Cloud, all members of the Clinic(or Lab)can access print statuses, print data, and material usage from multiple bound printers.  Simply log in from any computer, even if it's not connected to the same WiFi network.

View a pirnter‘s status

Click Printers list. A list of previously bound printers appears. The page is blank if this is your first time binding a printer. 

Click Printers list to see printer statuses associated with your Clinic(or Lab) on the Dental Cloud.

The printer's statuses are shown in the upper right corner of each printer card. The type of printer status includes Printing, Ready, Completed, Offline and Error.

Tracking print progress and accessing print information

The Detanl Cloud displays print jobs in real-time. The Printer Card displays the information for the print job in progress. 

Click the Printer card, and a more detailed information page about the printer appears.

  • Printer model and serial number
  • Material currently in use
  • Current environment temperature and moisture (It alerts you by turning red when they exceed the recommended range )
  • Current software and firmware version
  • Resin tank usage
  • Print progress bar
  • Total prints, resin usage, and print time for the selected printer
  • Click History. All orders printed on the selected printer appear.

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