Make connections with labs in Dental Cloud

Before starting a scan, we recommend that you make a connection with a lab to which you want to send scanned order.

There are two ways to make a connection to a target lab.

1) Make connection with labs in the IntraoralScan scan software. See Make connections in IntraoralScan.

2) Make connection with labs in Dental Cloud.

In this article, we'll show you how to make connections with labs on the Dental Cloud website.

  1. Sign in to the Dental Cloud. Enter the "Connections" tab on the left of the Dental Cloud portal.
  2. Click "new" button in the upper right corner and fill in the name of clinic in the upper field. Then click "search" button on the right and select the desired clinic with which you want perform the action. 
  3. Repeat the procedure above to fill and select the right lab.
  4. Click "submit" to send the request to the target lab. 

Now you notice that the lab name appears on the connection list. Its status reads "Acceptance awaited". Furthermore, a notification email will be sent to the email address of lab for reminding them to review the application.

Be aware of that you may have joined in multiple clinics. Make sure you select the institution correctly. Otherwise, you will not find the desired the lab to send the order on the sending page after scanning, if you have made the connection with selecting a wrong clinic.

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