AccuFab-D1 X-Motor Replacement

Main Procedures:

1. Open the back cover and take out the projector module

2. Extract the bolt and pin

3. Take out the x motor module 

4. Detach the limit sensor

5. Take out the frame

6. Replace the motor 

7. Assemble the new motor 


1.1 Turn off the power and push the platform to the top position. 

1.2 Remove the platform and the resin tank 

1.3 Open the back cover

1.4 Disconnect 6 cables marked in the image

1.5 Loose 4 screws on the frame

1.6 Take out the module

2.1 Pull out the pin and remove the blot 

3.1 Loose screws and separate the x motor module

4.1 Loose screws and detach the limit sensor 

  5.1 Take out the frame by rotating it counterclockwise 

6.1 Loose 4 screws and replace the new motor

7.1 Assemble the whole module by following previos steps.

Note: the position of the block should be parellel to the limited sensor. Make sure the block is not above the limted sensor.

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