AoralScan-Recommended Methods for Scan Tip Disinfection

Ortho-phthalaldehyde (OPA)

Disinfection cabinet (high temperature and high pressure)

Scan tip sterilization for intraoral scanners under a high temperature and high pressure:

Please follow the instructions given below to ensure normal functionality of the intraoral scanner.

Sterilization Procedure:

1. Soak the scan tip in OPA. Then gently clean the scanning head to avoid residue of disinfectant and make sure the optic is clean.

2. CaviWipes can be used for sterilization for 2-5 minutes. Sprays are optional.

3. Put the dry and clean scan tip in a sterilized vacuum bag for sterilization.

4. Sterilization at 121℃ and 1.5 atm for at least 15 minutes is suggested. The sterilization process must be completed under a vacuum environment and gauze should be used to fill in the scan tip.


1. Daily-use tissues are not recommended due to residue left behind is hard to clean.

2. After cleaning, wipe the scan tip. Optic must be clean and dry.

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