Ortho Simulation 3.0

Ortho Simulation aims to create and present orthodontic treatment programs and provided corresponding reports for users and patients to enhance the understand and acceptance of patients, and eliminate the revision of treatments. 


UI Updates


A workflow bar and navigation buttons were provided. Smoothly switch steps by clicking buttons.

We added beginner’s tip pop-ups to help users to get started. You can refer to these pop-ups and follow the instructions to conduct functions fluently.



Types of arches


In the 3.0 version, 3 types of arches, including Vesica Piscis, Squircle and Oval, were provided for users to choose in the creation stage. You can select according to the actual situation of patients in the interface of the program confirm stage. 



Orthodontic simulation animation


Click the “play” button to play the simulation animation and present the changes of teeth in treatments after creating a new program. If you have created several programs, you should choose a target to play. 



Comparisons of multiple programs


The 3.0 version empowers users to compared up to 3 programs with original data simultaneously. Click the program name on the bar and compare them together. 



Preview tool updates: occlusion map and overlay


Click the “overlay” and “occlusion” buttons to turn on the modes. 

The overlay mode can assist users in checking the changes between programs and original data. 


And the occlusion map can present the occlusion situation of maxilla and mandible. 


Enhanced Manual Setup


The new manual setup function optimizes various operation tools, making them easier to use. Click the “manual setup” button to turn on the mode for original data or programs to generate new programs.



Report generation and update


The new version enables users to generate a report more easily. Click the “report” button and click the “upload” button of the objective program. 


A corresponding QR code will be generated, and the report, containing models and simulation animations, can be browsed with this code. 


If you need to update the report, click “update” button of the objective report and renew the report. 

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